Enlisting Tars

Enlist at Wantsum Cork Lodge

From Matelots to Midshipmen, with a chance to work all the way to the top – Button Boy!

Whatever your rating, we can find you a hammock:-

Chuffs & Puffs
Prof. Fog (Weather Guesser)
Quack (Boils, Bones, Pills ‘n Pox)
Bish (Devil Dodger, Sin Bosun)
Toothwright/Fang Farrier
Bunting Tosser/Flag Flapper
3 Badge AB’s to 3 Badge FAs
Soup Jockies
Dhobey Wallahs
Button Boys

We sail just twice a year from safe anchorage at Broadstairs.

First Saturday of March and the third Saturday in September each year.


All applications are via the website and are dealt with chronologically, so if you’d like to come aboard, please get in touch.

Contact us and we’ll get right back.

Please also include a mobile contact and details of your Craft Lodge.